The name is Alehins, a liberal cosmopolitan, who loves to learn and experience, gets his energy from impressions and inspiration, is keen to share views and ideas on matters of varying significance, most often related to society development, post-totalitarian ailments and similar domains. Alehins is Latvian, a Latvian Russian speaker, a writer, comms professional, double MBA, introverted intuitive. Riga - St.Pete - Copenhagen - Helsinki - Berlin.

Ultrakonservatīvais atiinetektuālisma vājprāts pazudina Latviju

Latviešu intelektuāļi. Tikai jūs

Latviešu intelektuāļi ir iebiedēti. Es turpinu izmantot personvārdu “latviskošanas” tēmu savam vēstījumam. Vai ‘latviskošana” ir lingvistisks fenomens? Es uzskatu, ka ar valodu “latviskošanai” nav nekāda sakara. Tai ir sakars ar ultrakonservatīvo vājprātu, kas ir postošs, indīgs, nāvīgs latviešu valstij un latviešu identitātei. Kā tas tā sanāk? Par to šajā ierakstā. Es ļoti ceru uz latviešu intelektuāļu uzmanību.

Happy to localise to your identity

Your identity? We eat it for breakfast

How do the Latvians handle foreigners’ names? They butcher them into a total mess of a name. What’s worse, many believe they defend their fatherland by violating someone else’s identity. This is my answer to a question on Quora.

Are Russians willing to let Putin continue?

Quiet Russians. Putin continues

Is Putin popular in Russia? Hard to say since no opinion polls in Russia are trustworthy, no truthful information is available in the mainstream media, and regular people would rather abstain from sharing their genuine opinion, because it is not exactly encouraged. As most other quiet people, the Russians are not quick to protest. They are resentful. Will the Russians ever come to resist Putin because he is making them unhappy? Yes, when they see it is ok to resist openly.

Kas pret cilvēkiem, tas valstij postošs

Kas pret cilvēkiem, tas valstij postošs

Var būt kritiskam pret ideoloģiju, pret ideāliem, pret mērķiem, pret darbību, pret plāniem. Ne pret cilvēkiem. AfD ir vienīgā partija, kuras kuras politiskais piedāvājums ir balstīts uz naidu. Tāpēc liberāļi to zākā.

Latvia integration

There is no integration. Stop the mantra

“If a Russian in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia speaks the local language, can he be integrated into local society?” This was a question on Quora that I answered. Here it is. Stop the mantra, there is no integration—in the Baltic societies. We are speaking about two historical linguistic communities that need to start opening up to each to speed up economic and social development.