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Summer lazy, nothing serious. Yeah, was on holiday, that’s why no new posts. Feel somewhat guilty for inactivity, since I see I had a stable flow of visitors despite the holiday period. Thanks to all, appreciate, welcome! No wonder the summer has been hot in Latvian politics.

Hope my loyal visitors have noticed, what exactly has been changing on Alehins.com throughout late July and August, if not texts. Yeah, the photo stream 🙂 I changed the head put my Flickr stream on the top of the page so that you could follow me. The head photo was taken in Assisi, Umbria, Italy, or at Assisi, approaching it. I like it.

I hope it conveyed the message that the time had stopped and I had more important stuff to attend to those days – visit cool places, be stupefied by the greatest marvels of the Italian Renaissance heritage, eat good, toast myself under the Tuscan sun and soak in the Tyrrhenian salt, have fun, enjoy life and lose track of what’s going on outside my very personal summer paradise. Well, almost.

And I almost lost any internet connection. The one I had on my android was way too weak to entertain me with the latest outcries from Latvia. My motherly prepaid Wind subscription got stuck halfway every time I wanted to open Delfi.lv. I took it with calm, as part of my Italian service package. When on holiday in Italy, you are parentally protected by Italian mobile operators from being too activie on your bloody networks. Shut up and be happy. I did and I was. Still it eagerly opened my blog stat for me and I enjoyed seeing visitors pouring on my site. So thanks for coming anyway 🙂

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