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Being Nordic is not about being boring. It’s about not eating shit

Someone once said he wants Estonia to become another boring Nordic society. I know who said that, but his name is not important. Even for criticism, not important. Well, Estonia is boring, nothing happens there. Latvia is boring. Does it make Estonia any Nordic? No, it doesn’t, it leaves it where it’s always been, in the limbo, on the buffer, nowhere. Actually, both countries are boring in a stupid manner. (Am more interested in Latvia, obviously, and do not follow news from Estonia that closely, so I am dropping Estonia at this point.)

Nothing happens in Latvia not because the society is small and the potential for any breaking news is modest, but because there is very little intellectual drive in the society. People with access to the media and social networks are keen on outdoing each other in spreading stupid rumours and conspiracy theories. People in Latvia simply love this shit, they eat it, they breathe it, they drown in it. What’s the worst, this twaddle meets no resistance.

Every time I download a podcast from Latvia, I anticipate the worst crap on what’s on in my country, brainless idiocy of some madly hedonistic politicians or freaking “political technologists” producing all this sort of crap in both talking and doing. Like the trains affair, or the Jewish property madness, or the Zakis hanky-panky. And the harbour dirt, and everything about and around Lembergs, and the Moscow-orchestrated and paid nonstop brainwash. If it looks like dog shit, if it smells like dog shit, it is dog shit. As simple as that. Still, I will listen to it.

No, being boring is not an indicator you’d use for measuring the Nordicness, or well-being of the society. Being boring is a moronic benchmark, I should say. Latvia has so freaking much to do with itself, loads and loads of reforms, improvements, development, corrections, etc.—to get an inch closer to a normal state of mind and events, to becoming modern, European, and Nordic for that sake—that it in fact has a tremendous potential for news. Summer or winter, every single day something epic should happen.

No, being boring is far from being normal, let alone Nordic. Forgive me my lack of restraint, but you either are being normal and maybe even Nordic or you eat shit. The choice is always there, but you can’t have both.

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