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“Catching-up in some ten years is often mentioned but it is just not going to happen and the labour market development is one of the reasons,” Morten Hansen is writing on Ir.lv here.

Latvia’s economy is heading toward a miserable future unless Latvia does all of the following at the same time:

(1) cracks down on illegal employment and labour tax evasion and invests heavily in tax transparency, advice and control,

(2) loosens up the retirement regulations, so people can and want to stay longer at work,

(3) combats ageism in the labour market,

(4) welcomes foreign labour.

If not, the graph is merely an optimistic projection of Latvia’s labour market, and hence, national economy in few years. Optimistic because a large part of those expected to enter the labour market in Latvia may easily choose to enter it somewhere else which they will once they see Latvia sucks.

From Morten Hansen’s article on Ir.lv

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