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Quick glimpses: the true ones, Nokia, reputation

What’s up today? Perussuomalaiset, of course. Nokia laying off
people. Danish consumers pushing for more ethics in business. That’s my top for today. Just quick glimpses.

The True Finns soften up
their so-to-say anti-PIGS rhetoric. As said before, you may play whatever fool you want before the elections, but you’ll play by the rules when the elections are over. Timo Soini wants to be a minister in Jyrki Katainen’s government, he plays by the rules. What do the populist vows weigh?

What’s the need for a Timo Soini if he anyway plays by a Jyrki Katainen’s rules? Are you saying democracy and the political competition? Well, I’m saying it, too. That’s essential. You can’t just snub one fifth of the voters. If you’re a democratic country, you can’t. You would take onboard their representatives, include their ideas in your action programme, let them share the responsibility.

But if you’re a populist and you dare promise not only leaving Portugal without cash (that’s easy), but also not to pay taxes, not to do home assignments (well, that’s for school youth, they are not a direct target group, although we’ve seen some creative approaches in Latvia, haven’t we?), or work just three days a week or something like that. I bet there will be much more than just 20% ready to back these innovative ideas. Does it mean that we’ll have to listen to this?

Well, I guess the answer is no. If someone wants to rob you, you don’t seek a compromise, you simply don’t let it happen. Insane ideas are insane even if backed by millions of morons. Yes, exactly, and the morons remain morons even if they have a political party.

Nokia laying off
1,400 in Finland. Cutting down, shifting to a new partner, restoring market confidence, that’s all business, perfect and innovative, as usual. Dismissal packages are also fine, you’d expect that at least, no wonder. What I really liked was that Nokia offers courses for those who need to build up new skills – helping people enhance their competitiveness on the labour market. And – packages for those who would fancy starting up their own business. Well, this is not about tapping your ex-employer. This is about keeping people, their families afloat, empowering them.

Reputation International rates Danish companies according to their reputation. There are some goods, like Lego, Novo Nordisk or Google, and some not-so-goods, such as – doesn’t matter. The rating agency thinks that “the Danes care more about ethics, morals and management than they did during the financial crisis.” Well, it’s plain enough: it’s good to be good. Can you fake? Of course, you can always give it a try. There are odds that you succeed in formal results. But the reputation… It doesn’t need formal proof. You will not be valued for your ethics and morals if you don’t have. Even if you hire the shrewdest Jurgis Liepnieks and buy the best newspaper. If you are a thief and swindler, you are that even without a formal court decision and people will tell you are a thief and swindler. But then on the other hand, who says it’s good to be good? Danes? They care about ethics, morals and management? What do they know about life! We vote for the True ZZS, knowing perfectly well, who we vote for. Speaking about morons…

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