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Messages from Captain Obvious.

What good is supposed to come about through tonnes of deliberate lies and utter lawlessness taking advantage of violent thugs and their addiction to harass, bully and humiliate the weaker?

How’s capturing buildings and the act of civil defiance in Kiev different from that in Donetsk and other East Ukrainian places? The Kiev maidan act of defiance looked, sounded, smelled like and, therefore, was people’s protest against the criminal elite looting the country. The Donetsk model looks, sounds and smells like the criminal bouncing back. If evil is not defeated, it will always bounce back. Good vs. evil. Here’s your difference.

Latvia is never safe next to an authoritarian Russia. Even a democratic Russia is not at ease with letting neighbours become as un-Russian as they wish, but it at least wouldn’t be too prone to promoting chauvinism for the lack of a national idea.

Again, Latvia is never safe sitting next to Russia, a bully by nature. No concessions would help a victim to apiece a bully who has his mind set. Ukraine is a proof today. Latvia itself was a proof in 1939-1940. What more do you expect? Stop making concessions, they will not help.

What am I talking about? I am talking about–

– building a huge power plant fully gas-fired making Latvia even more dependent on Russia,
– postponing gas market liberalisation,
– not building a power link to Sweden,
– not building an LNG terminal,
– letting the Kremlin buy Latvian politicians and media and
– letting those like Lembergs sabotage the rule of law.

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