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Hell yeah! What about them!?

Keeping it for myself would be unforgivably selfish. This made my day. This was my gifts of the magi to which I didn’t have to queue. This was my come-again moment. No less.

Just excerpts from today’s talk inspired by David Satter’s research.

Funny, my vis-à-vis should say this–about the true reasons for me to get involved 🙂 This is for the second time I am receiving this smashing question from a Latvian person–in my face. Or have I missed something and Latvian persons inquiring into my true reasons should have been more, much more, some 90% of the country? Or have I been viciously ignoring good and innocent people asking me questions about my liberal reasons? Anyhow, the first one was an experienced Latvian journalist questioning my reasons for defending the poor devil Sprūdžs, a former minister and a former husband, for his courageous inquiries into Mr Lembergs’s reasons to leech to the throne of the Ventspils mayor despite a court ban. She (it was a female journalist) found Sprūdžs’s obsession with Lembergs ridiculous and his divorce a completely unforgivable evil, and instantly cracked my mask of a good Samaritan. “You must be paid! How else can anyone defend such a sordid villain!” she wrote. Well, at least my vis-à-vis today knows no one pays me for what I am saying in the social media. Or at least I wrote that explicitly.

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