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Belarus is a country that is in war with fascism, as in complete insanity.
Raman Pratasevič
Raman Pratasevič being detained by Lukashenko police.

I lately was answering this question on Quora. Thought it might be relevant.

Definitely not, Belarus is not a fascist country. If any country in the vicinity of—I am certain what I choose as a pivot here—any origins of fascism, Belarus is the last one to be suspected to test it at home. The Belarusians are extremely peaceful and modest. Disciplined, order loving, compliant but very, very modest, low-key, and friendly. Which distinguishes them from every single one of their neighbours. So, they are definitely not that kind of arrogant a**holes that are normally required for fascism to succeed in society.

If you absolutely must, it’s the regime that is more likely fascist. A fascist regime in an anti-fascist country. And that they really are not the blood and soil for this madness of a regime, they clearly proved protesting against the dictator for months in 2020. There’s practically a war the antagonistic regime is waging against the whole society sparing no one.

So, no, as a country or society, Belarus is in war with fascism, as in complete insanity and madness. Literally, in war with fascism as we speak.

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