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Pabriks: But whom would you like Latvia to follow in the first place?

I’m posting a link to a brief interview of Artis Pabriks, LV Defence Minister, to the public Latvijas Radio on the Wikileaks commotion, broadcast on 1 December (well, better late than never). With all my genuine sympathy for openness and honesty, I have to admit my deep respect to the mastery Artis has demonstrated in dealing with the hysteria. When downloading the interview before I listened to it, I was anticipating an unpleasant moment of disagreeing with Artis expressing a mandatory condemnation to an act of making bureacracy clean up their own mess which is always healthy. Unpleasant, because I normally have no problem in agreeing with what Artis Pabriks is saying or doing in the politics. But Artis’s mastery let me combine my sympathy for openness with pride for an intellectually loaded and well-formulated opinion of one of my country’s political leaders. I do recommend everyone who understands Latvian listen to it. There I found answers to some other questions, not just to those Wikileaks-related. One of them I put in the headline to this entry. I can only agree with Artis.

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