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I am most probably the only one who’s interested in this type of data. But curiously enough, they reveal how many people do care what’s up and new on this website. The graph above shows how the audience–unique visitors, who’s IP address has been registered (by Google Analytics, not by me, so no worries there :-)) just once each year–was and is building every year (the 16th Nov 2010 was when I registered the website on Google Analytics, that’s it). Even though, when checking my stat every now and then, I may misjudge its dynamics and think my blog is growing irrelevant for the world, the stat put in this perspective proves there are no reasons for nagging. So I shouldn’t complain. Clearly, visitorship is being kicked upwards those days when I manage to produce something meaningful and relevant for current debate. Something like “Rīga anschluss gaidās” in the very beginning of June this year which has so far been the Entry of the Year :), or “Karā jāizvēlas puse” in March. I hope to still be able to produce something relevant for my dear audience, people who care, for which I am immensely grateful. Stay cool, stay with me. You are truly unique.

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