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Who’s to kick bouffantry out of Latvian politics?

Source: Worldnewsviews.com
Poland—a lesson to draw? 
I am not a leftist and generally I am not in favour of mass protests as they fuzz up the outlook, slow down recovery and often push governments towards quick populist fix-ups rather than long-term thinking. 
Still, people on the streets make elite think and move faster, not wasting up precious time on building bouffants like the one Chairperson Āboltiņa wears—that’s figuratively speaking! 
We need politicians with hands on Latvia’s rule of law, economy and the decaying fabric of Latvia’s future nation. We need politicians who sit in their offices like on a glowing stove, like on a volcano ready to erupt every moment. It’s us who are responsible for keeping the stove, the volcano aglow for the politicians. We are responsible for demanding true political competition. 
We are responsible for kicking their asses—that’s also figuratively speaking! The bouffants absolutely need to have their asses kicked often enough to stay awake. All they are afraid of and all they really get is the dirt of stupid slander that our cheap media, our cheap journalists love to cast and chew over. Or then sweet and glamourous coverage on glossy paper from the same cheap breed for pay.

Just look at those magazine cover pages. Would you guess the person is into the politics? Of course not. She’s beautiful, she’s graceful, she’s into modelling, wearing bouffants and fancy hats. In fact she’s into wearing bouffants in the politics. This is how she sees it, the politics. I’m sure she finds it pretty cozy. But she is wrong, and here I am saying it.
This is why I regret Latvia has no trade unions, no social democratic opposition, no driving force to organise mass protests against the self-indulgent bouffants of both sexes and all political colours, who seem too comfortable in the contemporary Latvian politics. I regret Latvia has no opposition, no political competition and, therefore, no sense of political accountability, on which to build long-term political strategies.

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